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History of attacks and accidents on Chinese nationals working in Pakistan

The history of attacks, sabotage activities and accidents involving Chinese engineers and workers involved in projects in Pakistan dates back to May 3, 2004, when a car bomb blast in Gwadar killed three Brotherhood engineers.

The investigation revealed that the remote-controlled blast occurred while Chinese engineers were being taken to work on a port facilities project in Gwadar. According to BBC News, this was the first major attack on foreign workers since a suicide bomber in Karachi in 2002 killed 11 French engineers. About 17 years ago, more than 400 Chinese engineers and construction workers were working on the project, again costing 250million.

In the wake of Tuesday’s incident in Kohistan, which claimed the lives of a dozen people, including nine Chinese nationals, the Pakistani government said a bus carrying Chinese and Pakistani construction workers fell into a ditch off a slippery mountain road. Fell, but this claim caught the eye of many. Social media platforms know that enemies like the country like India are poisoned against the 62 62 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, which is being built on roads, railways and hydropower networks. An example for the country. The 3,000-kilometer project and pipeline, therefore, conspiracy theories are circulating on WhatsApp groups, Twitter and Facebook.

In the coverage of the incident, CNN quoted ISPR as saying that the gunmen forced them to enter the main hall of the hotel, killing a security guard and firing indiscriminately when they Tried to reach the top floor of the building. ”

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