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Extension of business hours in Sindh, internal meals are allowed for vaccinators

According to a notification shared by Sindh Government’s Information Cell:

Businesses are allowed to stay open until 10 p.m.
Bakery and dairy shops are allowed to remain open until 12 noon.
Hotels, restaurants and cafes are allowed to resume both indoor and outdoor dining until 12 midnight, maintaining a three-foot distance between customers.
Indoor dining is only allowed at 50% capacity for vaccinated people and all hotels, restaurants and cafes will have to check the vaccination certificate for these customers.
By drive, takeway and delivery is open 24/7.
Outdoor weddings and functions are allowed for up to 400 people while maintaining a distance of three feet.
Indoor marriages with more than 200 vaccinators are allowed

Shrines are allowed to open under strict standard operating procedures.
Cinemas and theaters are only open to vaccinators until 1 p.m.
Indoor gyms are only open to the public.
Amusement parks, swimming pools and arcades are allowed to open with 50 pcs.
Public transport is allowed to operate with 70pc occupancy.
All public and private offices are allowed to operate in 100pc occupancy.
Sunday will be observed as a ‘safe day’ in Karachi, with other divisions deciding their safe day.
All internal and external gatherings, including cultural, musical and religious programs, are prohibited.

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