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Pakistan’s Khan supported China over the Uighurs, praising the one-party system

Rights groups have accused China of systematic and widespread “mass arrests and violent crimes against humanity” against the Muslim population in its southwestern province of Xinjiang.

In a report last month, Amnesty International described the situation in Xinjiang as “a scene of a resilient hell”, citing statements from dozens of witnesses that there were detailed allegations of brainwashing, violence and erasure of cultural identity.

But Khan, who has regularly called for international action against Islamophobia, especially in European countries, said he was satisfied with the Chinese government’s refusal to violate its rights.

“Our conversations with Chinese officials, the version of what is happening in Xinjiang is very different from what we hear from the Western media and Western governments,” he said on Thursday.

“Because we have a very strong relationship with China, and because we have a trust-based relationship, we really accept the Chinese version. We accept what they say about our programs in Xinjiang.

Khan also praised the one-party system of government in China, where the state is controlled exclusively by the Chinese Communist Party and there are no direct elections for senior positions or the country’s parliament.

“CPC is a unique model. So far we have been told that the best way for societies to reform themselves is through a Western system of democracy.

What the CPC has done is come up with this alternative model. And they have, in fact, defeated all Western democracies in the same way they have created merit in their society.

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