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No more economic growth in Pakistan

No more economic growth in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday reiterated his government’s commitment to support the agricultural sector for economic growth, but at the same time told industrialists to stop profiteering and cartelization, which has plagued the people in inflation. Refrain

Addressing a delegation of farmers at the Prime Minister’s House who discussed their problems with him, he said he was confident that the country would go through the agricultural sector, and urged industrialists to make “profits”. Make money, but avoid profiteering. ” . He asked them not to form cartels that would ultimately burden the people with inflation.

“I assure you that the government will not allow the farmers to be exploited and my team and I will be in touch with you,” he told the farmers.

He said his government’s efforts had resulted in timely payment of sugarcane to farmers during the crushing season, which was not the case earlier.
He said he had asked his team to meet with farmers and explore new innovations in the agricultural sector from around the world. “Unless we modernize and upgrade our industries, we cannot move forward,” he said.

He said that he has grown up seeing the rapid rise of Pakistan and has also seen a sharp decline in the country due to ‘injustices’. “It is the law of God, the Lord of Glory, that every nation that does justice to its people will prosper and prosper.”

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The Prime Minister lamented that the farmers were not getting their fair share. “There was a mafia rule in this sector and it is making the most of our corrupt system.”

He said that corruption of the rulers would eventually ruin the country. “And that’s the story of all the Third World countries.”

He reiterated that when corrupt leaders rule over hunger, they make money and destroy the governance system, thus stifling the country’s development.

Prime Minister Imran said that his government has fought the sugar mafia, which had threatened the FIA ​​that if the investigation against him continues, it will create a shortage of sugar in the country.

He insisted that the country would move upwards from this point, adding that China has always helped Pakistan to upgrade its agricultural sector. Reported By