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Talks on US and Pakistani military bases stalled

Talks on US and Pakistani military bases stalled

Washington: The United States has focused on Pakistan for a military base in the region, although some US officials believe the talks have stalled for now.

The CIA used a base in Pakistan to launch drone strikes against militants but was “removed from the facility in 2011, when US relations with Pakistan were unauthorized.”

“Some US officials have told the newspaper that talks with Pakistan have stalled. Others have said the option remains on the table and a deal is possible.

According to NYT, CIA Director William J. Burns recently paid an unannounced visit to Islamabad to meet with the Pakistani army chief and the head of the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin has also met several times with the Pakistani military chief to seek the country’s help in future US operations in Afghanistan.
Mr Burns did not address the core issue during his visit to Pakistan, which focused on broader counter-terrorism co-operation, but “some of Mr Austin’s discussions have been more direct,” the report added. Has been said.

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Analyzing Pakistan’s reluctance to give a base to the United States, the report said that “the government in Islamabad is unlikely to sign US strikes against the Taliban, starting from a Pakistani base.”

Nevertheless, “some US officials believe that if Pakistan wants to allow US access to a base, it can control how it uses it,” the report said. “Public opinion in the country is strongly opposed to any new US presence,” he added.

The report also cites Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s speech in parliament last month, which said “no US base will be allowed until Prime Minister Imran Khan is in power.”

The report said the CIA used the solar airport in Baluchistan to launch hundreds of drone strikes during a surge that began in 2008. The attacks were mainly aimed at suspected al-Qaeda operatives in Pakistan’s mountainous tribal areas, but they also crossed the border. In Afghanistan

The report notes that the Pakistani government has “publicly refused to acknowledge that it is authorizing CIA operations and would like to proceed” cautiously “with a new relationship. ۔

The report claims that while talking to US officials, “Pakistanis have demanded a number of restrictions in return for the use of the base in the country, and they have been effectively demanded that they meet any targets.” Sign whatever CIA or military would like to attack inside Afghanistan.  Reported By