If the management committe rejected the demands of teachers then what should Teachers Associations do?

(A)Should be on strike and boycott classes
(B)resign from their jobs
(C)put case against management committee in the court
(D)Should talk to the management committee and try to resolve the issues


BASIC stands for what?

(A)Beginner's all purpose Symbolic instruction code
(B)Beginner assembler symbols for interpreter code
(C)Basic assembly symbols for instruction code
(D)None of the above

General Knowledge

Bettleham is the name of?

(A)Birth place of parsi
(B)Birth place of a jesus
(D)None of the above

General Knowledge

Dili is the capital of?

(A)West timur
(B)East timur
(C)North timur
(D)South timur

General Knowledge

Wimbeldon is famous for?

(B)Cricket ground
(C)Badminton court
(D)Tennis court


Which type of printers considered faster than all other printers?

(A)line printer
(B)dot matrix printer
(C)laser printer
(D)none of the above

Basic English

Choose the word with correct spelling.


Pakistan Affairs

Frontier region includes Dera ismail Khan, Kohat, Peshawar, Lakki Marwat, Central Kurran, Tank and?


General Knowledge

Get engine was invented by

(A)Thomas Harrison
(B)Theodore Memon
(C)Sir Whittle
(D)None of the above


Educational guidance also includes?

(B)Co curricular activities
(C)Individual guidance
(D)None of the above

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