To cover different concepts at the same level or class which type of curriculum would be developed?

(D)All of the above


Elementary school teachers work under the leadership of


Pakistan Affairs

Harappa city is situated on the bank of which river?



SOLO is the abbreviation of?

(A)Structure of the Objective Learning Outcome
(B)System of the Observed Learning Outcome
(C)System of the Observed Learning Output
(D)Structure of the Observed Learning Outcome

Pakistan Affairs

What is length of track of PAKISTAN railway in KM?


Pakistan Affairs

During British raj, a well-preserved building was Frere Hall, that still exist in which city of Pakistan?



In which register the name of new student is entered?

(A)Attendence register
(B)Budget register
(C)Staff Attendence register
(D)Admission register


Which vitmain produced in the human body when the light of Sun fall on the skin of the body?

(A)Vitamin A
(B)Vitamin B
(C)Vitamin C
(D)Vitamin D

Basic English

“Aqeel said to me”, “I want to continue my business”, change it into indirect narration.

(A)Aqeel told me that He wanted to continue his business.
(B)Aqeel asked me that He want to continued his business.
(C)Aqeel told me that He wants to continued his business.
(D)None of the above


How many verses were revealed first?

(D)None of the above

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