Importance of Pakistan Affairs:

Most importantly, Pakistan Affairs teaches students at the roots of Pakistan and the source of Pakistani history and geography. This is very important for understanding current affairs, important issues and for the future of Pakistan's development. I highly recommend studying Pakistan affairs MCQS valuable useful learning tool for every student of Pakistan.

Pakistan Affairs MCQs is rich in knowledge of Pakistan's history, geography and modern economics:

This is an article in which some details about Pakistan are missing, which will be updated in the new curriculum, but they are currently missing. Pakistan Affairs provides specific information about different ethnicities of Pakistan, especially the indigenous population. The MCQS of Pakistan Affairs informs readers how Pakistan contemporary relations with the colonial and Mughal rulers have influenced the culture and art. It speaks of the social media and technological revolution in Pakistan, which has permanently changed many cultural and communication elements.

The purpose of Pakistan's affairs:

The purpose of Pakistan matters is to look at past educational developments in Pakistan through case studies and its analysis with the current world. It primarily identified the reasons for illiteracy in Pakistan, and overcame the shortcomings of earlier works. The Pakistani government claims that they have made significant strides in educational development. Pakistani law urges the government to provide free basic education to every citizen of Pakistan. However, the enrollment rate has dropped below 60%. Similarly, the literacy rate has dropped below 60%. Therefore, other stakeholders in the government and education sector have not yet been able to perform well to deliver impressive results. This section covers all MCQS related to affairs of Pakistan and basic information about the historical perspective of the Pakistan movement, important events of the struggle of Pakistan, Also important personalities, post-independence issues, constitutional developments, foreign policy, economy, defense, Kashmir and other regional conflicts, etc. Is gone Pakistan's domestic affairs and politics, land and people, regional issues, economic and economic issues, culture, music, sports, etc.
Pakistan Affairs

What was the real name of Sher Shah Suri?

(A)Farid Raza
(B)Fareed Khan
(C)Mirza Fareed
(D)None of the above

Pakistan Affairs

 The famous book “The Man Who Divided India” is written by?

(A)Z. A. Bhutto
(B)Benazir Bhutto
(C)Zakaria Rafiq
(D)Zia Ul Haq

Pakistan Affairs

Kalam fort is in?


Pakistan Affairs

When Dr Abdus Slam was die?


Pakistan Affairs

Titu Mir was an Important leader of the Muslims Peasant of which province?


Pakistan Affairs

In Simla Conference, Who represented the Muslim League?

(A)Hussaim Imam
(B)Ghulam Hussain Hidayat, Sir Muhammad Asad
(C)Quid, Liaqat Ali, Khawaja Nazim Ud Din
(D)All of the above

Pakistan Affairs

In which month moonsoon starts in Pakistan?


Pakistan Affairs

Who was the first non muslim cheif justice of Pakistan?

(A)AR Cornnelius
(B)Sir Francis Moody
(C)William Drake

Pakistan Affairs

When second round table conference open?

(A)7th September 1930
(B)7th September 1936
(C)7th September 1931
(D)7th September 1935

Pakistan Affairs

Islamabad high court was established under which amendment?


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