Importance of Islamic Studies/ Islamic Education:

We need to know what is legitimate and unlawful in our daily life. A person must also learn how to cleanse his heart and actions from criminal traits. Muslims should know how to purify their hearts with the love of wealth, status, and fame, and to cultivate only one love for Allah. They should also learn the etiquette taught to us by the religion of Islam, and try to live their lives according to the Prophet (peace be upon him). When one decides to learn Islamic Studies when it is difficult for him, he will surely receive a double reward from Almighty because he has put so much effort in his quest.

Islamic Studies Knowledge is the key to success:

Islam is the religion of knowledge. Islam places great importance on the pursuit of knowledge. Knowledge is the key to success. The quest for knowledge is better than any cost in the world. Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): "And say: My Lord, increase me in knowledge." (Qur'an 20: 114) It saves us from many problems. There are many benefits to this world and the hereafter. Knowledge is the base of our lives, and religious education is pleasant, appropriate, and makes us happy because we have come to know about our Lord. No other religion values ​​religion as much as Islam. Islam has made it necessary for all Muslims to seek knowledge and believes that not doing so is considered a sin. Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said in his words: "The search for knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim." (Tirmizi) It's just for the pleasure of the mind or the senses. Accordingly, knowledge has to be linked to values ​​and goals.

The stages of acquisition are mentioned below:

Ask good questions Be quiet and listen carefully Understand well Remember this Teach others too Follow it and keep it to the limit In short, justice is essential to creating a world in which true peace can be found. This section of the Islamic Studies covers essential knowledge and prominent personalities of the Quran, Hadith, the life and times of the Holy Prophet, the Caliph Rashidin, the members of Islam, the courage, and the important events of Islamic history.

What is the first belief in Iman e Mufassal?

(C)Alhami Kuttab
(D)No deity except Allah


Title of Hazrat Abu Bakr RA?

(A)Alexander of the muslim world
(B)Conquerer of Makkah
(C)Sword of allah
(D)Savior of Islam


In which nabvi year first relevation were revealed?



Name the first poet who is rewareded by the Prophet PBUH?

(A)Kaab bin Zubair
(B)Zaid bin Saabit
(C)Maalik bin Dinaar
(D)None of the above


Who was first biographer of the Holy Prophet PBUH?

(A)Ibn e Haishim
(B)Ibn Khudam
(C)Zaid bin Sabit
(D)Usman bin Affan


Hazrat Muhammad PBUH belongs to which tribe?

(A)Banu Hashim
(C)Banu Nukhela
(D)None of the above


How many days Prophet PBUH stays in the cave of “Sor”?



When Holy Prophet PBUH married to Hazrat Khadija, age of prophet was?



Who was with the Prophet PBUH when went to Taif?

(A)Saad bin Maaz
(B)Usman bin Affan
(C)Zaid Bin Sabit
(D)Zaid Bin Haris


Miraj sharif occurred on which date of rajab?

(D)None of the above

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