The benefits of learning English:

Learning any language is always a good idea. It gives you incredible benefits that come with the support of science. One of the most useful languages ​​to learn is English. Today, half a billion people speak  this language. You may even be surprised at some of the countries that make you more accessible to just learning the language. English is the language of international communication. Nowadays, more and more people are taking the time to read this language as a second language. Many countries include this language in their school curriculum, and children are beginning to learn this language at an early age. But what is the real value of learning this language? It is the global language of communication. Not only economically, it is also the presiding language of the Internet. Most English speaking countries require students to pass tests before obtaining a visa. Whether you are looking for a new job or are planning to travel the world, studying English can help you to grow in life, personally and professionally. You can increase your career opportunities and start meeting people from all over the world. International schools have become a new favorite for parents due to this language. In these schools, teachers use this language in classrooms to interact with students. English programs start at preschool.

English is the most dominant language in the world, affecting every field of work.

Therefore, as long as they are already proficient in their native language, it is vital to encourage children to learn English. Once they have acquired the native language, concerns over the first language deficiency and delay in language development will no longer be relevant.

Basic English MCQS:

This section covers basic knowledge of grammar, parts of speech, s, interpretations, punctuation, active and passive sounds, phrases, phrases, phrases, synonyms, syllables, syllables, sentence construction, etc.
Basic English

Antonym of Limited is:


Basic English

Change the voice of the sentence “do not disturb him for nothing”?

(A)let not to be disturbed for nothing
(B)He is not to be disturbed for nothing.
(C)We should not disturb him for nothing.
(D)None of the above

Basic English

I would have been cautious if you _____________ me.

(A)Has informed
(B)have informed
(C)had informed
(D)None of the above

Basic English

Which is the correct spelling from the words given below?

(D)None of the above

Basic English

Change the voice of the sentence “Some boys were helping the wounded man”?

(A)The wounded man was helped by some boys.
(B)The wounded man is helped by some boys.
(C)The wounded man was being helped by some boys.
(D)None of the above

Basic English

I shall return ________ an hour.


Basic English

Correct the given sentence “You played good”.

(A)you are played good.
(B)You have played fine.
(C)You played well.
(D)All of the above

Basic English

Antonym of Persist is?


Basic English

Change the voice of the sentence “The secretary opens the mail”.

(A)The mail is open by the secretary
(B)The mail is open by me
(C)The mail is opened by the secretary
(D)None of the above

Basic English

Synonym of Obtain is.


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