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Vaccination of teaching and non-teaching staff will be mandatory, notification

Vaccination of teaching and non-teaching staff will be mandatory, notification

Karachi: Annual Matriculation (Class X) examinations across Sindh will start from July 5 and Inter Year II (Class XII) examinations will start from July 26. Only optional subjects will be taken in the examinations while there will be no practical examinations.

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In this regard, the Department of School Education and the Department of College Education Sindh also issued two separate notifications. The Department of School Education has issued a very short notification in which only the date of commencement of examinations has been informed while a detailed notification has been issued by the College Education.

According to the notification of the College of Education, the first year Inter (Class XI) examinations will be held after the Class XII examinations while the elective subject examinations will be taken from the 60% syllabus already shortened, out of which 50% There will be papers. . Questions will be MCQs, 30% short answers and 20% long, each paper will last 2 hours.

The notification said that vaccination of teaching and non-teaching staff would be mandatory.

On the other hand, no decision has been taken yet under the Department of School Education to open schools from class I to VIII and conduct examinations for these lakhs of students, which has caused great uneasiness among lakhs of students and their parents across Sindh. Including Karachi

According to a statement issued by Education Minister Syed Saeed Ghani, a consultative meeting has been held and it has been decided that any decision regarding inauguration of schools and holding of examinations and fixing of their dates will be taken by the steering committee. Notification was issued regarding matriculation and inter examinations of the meeting without steering committee.

According to sources, the steering committee meeting was expected in the next two days, but the Sindh education minister could not find time for it. In practice, the situation is quite the opposite, as the Department of School Education has not yet made a decision on whether to reopen the school and conduct examinations, leading to a large number of private schools offering online sessions. I have decided to take exams from the students or the student’s work session ended with a review through the sheets. Most schools have announced summer vacations and since August have announced new sessions and physical classes with SOPs and started giving results to students.

It is feared that if the steering committee allows the school to reopen now, it will not have much effect. Only government schools in Sindh will be able to give exams.

According to sources, it is proposed to directly promote students from 1st to 5th and give exams from 6th to 8th. However, even if this decision is made, it will have no practical effect on private schools as most private schools take the exam online. Tax sessions will end. Reported By