How to give Interview Answers for Govt Jobs In Pakistan

Govt Jobs In Pakistan

Govt Jobs In Pakistan


Tips for Interview Govt Jobs In Pakistan: So you’re in a job interview and it comes to the end and the interviewer says so

that’s all of our questions.

Do you have any questions for us what do you say what do you ask in this article

I will share with you what not to do in this situation Govt Jobs In Pakistan types of questions forĀ 

you want to ask and make sure you stay till the end because I will give you the best

yet the scariest question that you must ask to help you get the job?

So at the end of the interview they say, do you have any questions for us please do not say no you know

I think you answered everything for me I think I’m good no you have questions

you always have questions and I think a lot of people think oh okay so my question will be yeah

I do have a question what’s the next step in this process now that’s a fine question

you can ask it but it shouldn’t be your only question also I always recommend

coming up with more than those and we’ll talk about

what they should be because sometimes they answer that before

they ask if you have questions so they finish your part of the interview for Govt Jobs In Pakistan and

then they say okay well the next steps in this process are this and

this but before we go do you have any questions for us

and if your only question was what are the next steps

now you’re scrambling going what other questions do a how what am I gonna ask them

so you want to have a couple of questions ready alright.

So the types of questions you want to ask questions

you genuinely have so when you’re preparing for the interview jot down some questions you have

what are the concerns you have for this position what do you really want to know

but you want to ask questions that are also showing that you are looking to succeed

in this position, if you got it so you want to be kind of forward-

thinking in your questions around the culture of the company people’s past successes

and challenges in the department all tend to do well for me one question

I really like is a culture question like tell me about a typical day in this position

or I actually really like what’s a typical work week like here

because when you ask what the typical day every company the response will be well.

There’s no such thing it’s a typical day you’re like you’re in accounting.

There’s a typical day but I digress I like to ask like oh so

what’s a week look like around here you’ll learn about when team meetings do they do

stand-ups every morning is there a happy hour on Fridays if you’re one of these tech companies

you get all those fun things if you had the accounting coming you maybe not so much

but you’ll learn about what it’s like to work

there so it shows that you have an interest in what they do but you’re also getting information.

You can see can I picture me in this environment then you want to ask questions for Govt Jobs In Pakistan that show

that you are already thinking of what it would take to be successful in this position.

so those could be a couple of things like what is it that you would

like someone in this position to accomplish in the first 90 days or what is the one trait

that you see in people that make them really successful in this position

another one I like is how a past employee has been successful in

this position that’s easy you also might want to ask about challenges it shows

that you’re not afraid of a challenge as well as okay let me think of how I can problem solve in that challenge.

Now you’re not going to give an answer to that but you want to ask them

what are some of the challenges you foresee in the next six months

this position we’ll be working on it shows once again that you are already trying to

figure out how am I going to do well here how can I do my best for you

and then another popular one is to try and connect with

the interviewer a little more while also getting some idea of that culture

so what made you choose to work here or what is your favorite part about working for this

institute or company or doing work in this department make sure you’re not asking questions

that you could Google the answer to so I love asking about the culture just straight up what’s the culture

but I ask it about the department, not the company because of most companies

now you can learn about their company culture on their LinkedIn page or

on their website but you can’t find out about that department

so I tend to ask what’s the culture of this department light it just kind of bits of help get a feel for if I could see myself

there here’s my big trick with this is you want to always have at least three questions in your back pocket

that’s how I like to say it because you want to have these ready.

Govt Jobs In Pakistan

Govt Jobs In Pakistan

because inevitably one will be answered for you so I try to have one that is success-driven one that’s culture related

and one that’s more connecting because inevitably if I only have the culture question I’m gonna sit down

and they’re gonna say so before we ask you any questions we want to give you a little bit more of a sense of the

culture of our company. Then they’ll go on and on about the culture and I’ll be sitting there not listening to them

going oh my gosh so is my only question for the end what am I gonna do now I have no questions at the end

how am I what am I going to say what’s my question and I missed everything so one question will always be

answered so I always have a culture future success and a connecting question just in case one of them

is already answered then the question you have to ask but it is so scary and this is a question

that it takes summer but I promise you it will be worth it based on what we’ve talked about today is there anything

that is leaving you with heavens hesitancy

and see I can’t even say the word hesitancy with hiring me for the position take a moment think about that’s a hard

the question to ask because here’s the thing they’re going to give you an answer

sometimes it’s not the answer you want to hear sometimes it’s something directly related to the position sometimes

I’ve had people be blatantly honest and say well you know you just don’t have these skills

so we’ve had stronger candidates okay that kind of sucks however if you get an answer

is that bad the beauty of it is you know right away not to be waiting by the phone for their call

you can pick yourself right back up and go start interviewing for more jobs

go start applying for more positions because you know this

one’s probably just not it and it’s a skill that or an experience that you can’t help that you didn’t have now they might

say well you don’t have a lot of experience in this area great this is now your chance to make the argument for why

you should get the position anyways this question allows you the opportunity to fight for the drop so they say you

haven’t had a lot of experience doing XYZ well.

That is why I’m so excited to work here I love a new challenge and I’m excited to learn

about something new and I know I will just hit the ground running because I learn something new

and different doing something.

I haven’t done before it keeps me going and so I’m excited to learn more about that area to work in it and the other

the thing that comes to come up is they’ll say well you didn’t give a great example to blah blah blah a question that

they asked earlier and so this gives you a chance to go oh I’m sorry um could I give you another story.

There’s actually another example I could use I actually did this back in college with a job and ended up getting a

better position than the one they were going to give me because of my answer it happens I love this question

because it gives you a chance to fight for the position normally at the end of the interview for Govt Jobs In Pakistan

there are areas where they’re questioning you going okay they seem good overall

but I’m not sure about that and not every interviewer asks follow-up questions

sometimes they’re left wondering those things by asking this you’re giving

the opportunity to clarify anything.

That’s still leaving them uncertain it also is an awesome opportunity to show that you can handle feedback

something that so many people are looking for these days is someone who can take feedback.

We are living in a feedback culture so you need to be able to handle feedback so this question shows you can do it

and then like I said even though it’d be kind of a crappy answer if you get really distinct,

mmm you just don’t have this experience fight for the position make the argument of

why you’re great for it but if it seems kind of like

nope they’re not going with you at least now you have a better idea of where you stand in the candidate pool and it’ll

help you to just pick yourself up keep moving for the next position so to recap don’t say that you have no questions at

the end be prepared with three questions including one on culture future success

and that feedback question and make sure to ask that feedback question at the end to clarify any uncertainties so you

can make a strong argument of why you are a great fit for the position. that is it for today thank you so much.

Summary: Each interview has questions; right or wrong. You need to be fully confident while giving the answers and take them positively. Get Prepared and also ask questions to the management to show your interest in that post.

Questions are common to be asked:

What is your weakness?
Only describe any minor weakness which you think is improvable in the eye of the interviewer. Describe your achievements as well.

Why should we hire you?
Make them sure that only you are who can be the best for their organization. Describe your exceptional achievements and show your interest and your extraordinary qualities.

What salary package do you expect?
Give answers humbly but confidently. Say, “My experience and education demand my salary. And if you think that I am eligible for this job then you would definitely come up to my expectations”.

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