Benefits of Govt Jobs in Pakistan 2020

I wrote this article about the benefits of government Jobs in Pakistan for those

that aren’t familiar with the man

benefits that we have to offer.

In the private sector, you earn everything on a per pay period basis and

you can take it as you earn it each pay period is two weeks and so with annual leave

which is the first category you get

that you’re like PTO for the private sector you get you to request it

and you take it and you’ll either earn it in either

four six or eight-hour increments depending on how many years of federal service you have.

If you have military time or anything like that it could add to your yearly group

putting you into the appropriate category in Govt Jobs in Pakistan.

It’s also can be dependent on your position doctors and nurses

and in my facility start out at a higher leave group

than other types of positions, you also get sick leave which is paid as well

it’s four hours per pay period for everyone and you can take it as you need it you can use it for doctor visits you can

use it if you’re just not feeling well that day

you need to call in stay home or you can also use it to take children and other loved ones to appointments and even

to attend funerals and things like that another benefit after the leave is our retirement program probably.

Our best incentive is a retirement we have threefold retirement programs so you have where you’re gonna pay into

Social Security you’re also paying into FERS

which is like our pension program and then you’re also paying into TSP

which is like our 401k so when you reach retirement age

you are going to be drawing income sources or income from

three different sources and so it makes your retirement income much better than you know

If you’re working for a private company

where you only get one or two of those benefits or maybe even none

and so our next event if it’s gonna be a health insurance

so you will have the ability to select your health insurance

it is federal government insurance

and so you’ll have the option there will be multiple programs

that you can research and apply for sign up for and

so they all have different coverages and amounts and then the payment withholding

is different for all and so based

on your family’s needs.

You can review those programs and select the one that’s right for you in Govt Jobs in Pakistan

You’ll also have life insurance option so it’s term coverage so it doesn’t build any cash value

but it’s very cheap in comparison to many other life insurance programs out there and

so it allows you to at least maintain a certain amount of coverage

for a relatively low rate to make sure

that your family has what they need if you were to pass on other benefits

not necessarily guaranteed but possible are

a certain student loan repayment programs so depending on your job

and you might fall into a list

where you’d be eligible to apply for certain student loan repayment programs

we have two different options and there are based on facility funding and approval of your application finally after

student loan repayment there’s also the possibility of the student the public service loan forgiveness program this

is a program that all government employees are eligible for whether you’re federal employee state employee or

government just like County local government employee and so what it does is after 10 years of regular payments

made in a qualifying repayment plan then you’re eligible to have the remainder of your balance waived and so the

the remainder is added to your taxable income at the end of the program if it does get waived and so you’ll

have to deal with the taxes at that point but you pay for your loans for ten years and then it’s gone there you mean

that’s a great benefit so the final benefit is security and so there’s a lot of private companies where maybe your hours

are in question maybe you show up one day they decide hey you know we don’t need you to work today or you know

whatever the case is and you’re depending on those hours to make the money well with us you have a guaranteed

work schedule so if you’re hired in at the full time you’re gonna work 40 hours a week you get those 40 hours


there’s and if you work overtime then you get paid overtime for them and the same goes for like if you work part-time

schedule so if you work a part-time schedule you have a guaranteed minimum number of hours and so when you

come to work you’re gonna be guaranteed those minimum number of hours so you can set your schedule accordingly

it provides more flexibility you can plan around your work schedule for your personal life and you can rest

assured knowing that if you’re signed up for here you accept the job for twenty hours a week you’re gonna get twenty

hours a week and so hopefully all this information has been helpful again working for the federal government has

numerous benefits this was just a brief summary.

Summary: Govt jobs as compared to private jobs are secure and are providing good salary packages, medical and retirement benefits.

Why Govt jobs are good?

Because Govt jobs provide work and life balance and this is secure. Private institutes take long duty hours.So Govt job is better than private.

Why do we need Govt Jobs?

Because Govt job is secure, guaranteed and they pay timely. and demand for fixed time duty hours. So in this fast age, we need to run according to time for every work. and in this way govt job is the best option.



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